Friday, May 21, 2010


Drown in deep sorrow and in so much pain
In the midst of darkness, I still remain
There's no one left but an empty me in vain
Waiting my grievance will be taken away by the rain

My mind was stuck on the thoughts of you
Can't help thinking what will happen next to me and you
I'm in a deep chaos and just trying to accept what is due
For this love may not seem to last even if it's true

Fight or succumb i don't know what to choose
Afraid that in this battle we lose
But living without you is like hanging on a noose
Or like being struck by the lightning bolt of Zeus

This enigma is provoking me to yield
To put down my sword in the battlefield
To surrender my armor and even my shield
Frustration and regrets, my heart will be filled

Maybe this heart of mine was destined to suffer
Suffering a lot because there's no chance of 'us' forever
I can't go with the flow in this world of panther
Fierce, strong & cruel that without you I can't conquer

own composition.. :))

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